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The Corona Diaries - Steve Hogarth EPISODE 44, 1st March 2021
Chapter 44. We will always have Paris.
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Chapter 44. We will always have Paris.

Ant & I did a interview this week with the lovely Anne Bond of the Web Magazine to talk about TCD.

During the chat she asked about the amount of planning that went into each episode. Now clearly Anne was being a bit generous, but in the spirit of honesty we owned up to the fact that in many instances, really not a lot.

Take this week. Prior to recording on Monday both of us had read the diary and Ant had proclaimed that he had an idea for a title and possibly a couple of questions.

And TBH that is normally all we need. Cue the red light, adjust the pop shield and see where we end up after the caffeine runs dry.

Tom McGread probably called it right when he exclaimed on receiving TCD43 ‘what a way to start a weekend, 1 hr & 21 mins of Gold Drivel’.

A point well made Tom, and another contender for the tee shirt.

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