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Spice World - Spice World EPISODE 27, 1st October 2020
Dune - Chapter 26

Dune - Chapter 26

Brushing the dust off our stillsuits we head back to civilization and check on the Baron. After he fully emasculates Nefud, we try to get into the Barons head while he's adjusting Piter's plan on the fly. Then we finally meet Mudir Nahya himself, Count Rabban of Lankiveil, and Mike rallies to his defense. We can't find any chairs, so we huddle in the corner with some very fine Geidi Prime wine. Before the door field is lowered we talk about…

  • Nefud's impossible mission;
  • How Harkonnen's handle family business;
  • Why the Baron loves his mentats;
  • And then we play Gurney, Gurney, Gurney but we talk Gurney Pigs.

Featuring the music of Gurney Hall

'Scorched' by Gurney Hall on Soundcloud