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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 211, BONUS EPISODE, 14th August 2019
Podcast Movement 2019 - As It Turns Out, I Don't Know Everything [Episode 211 Bonus B]

Podcast Movement 2019 - As It Turns Out, I Don't Know Everything [Episode 211 Bonus B]

Podcast Movement 2019 Day Two:

My offer to meet you for coffee, lunch, breakfast, or whatever still stands! Hit me on Twitter or send me an email. Let's get together this Podcast Movement!

My approach today was simple: Forget I know anything and ask people what they are doing to make podcasting better.

I received some amazing answers. It's amazing what happens when you get your ego (read: Evo) out of the way and let other people talk.

I spent a lot of time with Adori Labs, who bill themselves as a "business-in-a-box platform for the modern audio publisher". But that doesn't tell you they're making content for the next generations of consumers. (And hi, Kartik!)

I talked with Adswizz and suddenly I'm excited for the future of ads inside of podcasts, because they know how to separate form from function.

The smart people at Audimute helped me select the right kind of sound conditioning for my studio, so the show will sound even more amazing in a week or so.

I had a lovely sit-down with Amira from Glow. She and I have been talking since before it was called Glow. I'm excited for her lightweight solution to make premium content an option for any podcaster.

Even Headliner, a tool I know and have used for a while, had people in the booth who helped me see opportunities I had missed.

Peter from the newly spun-off-from-Himalaya content shop HiStudios sat down for a long conversation about where podcasting has been and what excites both of us about the future.

Cole from Podchaser showed me all the opportunities I'm missing (and your missing) by not fully utilizing his totally free service.

... and the helpful guys at the Samson booth showed me how to actually hear myself when using the Q2U mic, so this episode should sound better.

And I'm missing lots of others, because there's just so much to mention. So much, that I'm at it again tomorrow. 

Can you tell I'm excited about what I'm learning at Podcast Movement 2019?