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PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Kelly Mitchell EPISODE 24, 10th June 2021
Get Your Brain Out of Your pASSive

Get Your Brain Out of Your pASSive

S1: E24: Get Your Brain Out of Your pASSive


During this Friday rant, Kelly goes off her rocker about screen addiction, GPS dictatorships, leisure activities, and shamelessly plugs her mobile app: Soul Catchers.

Time Stamps


[00:25-GPS Domination]

[04:09-Use It or Lose It]

[07:17-Stimulation Through Gaming]

[14:22-So, Now What?]

[17:15 - Outro]

Key Takeaways

*GPS replaces common sense in Mensa Members

*Drugs are bad

*Everything is 'pissah' in Boston

*Give your brain a woody with stimulation

*Cortical girth is sexy

*Gaming makes you smart

*Soul Catchers is fandom

*Binge-watching is a sin

*Sex kills 15 minutes

*Family time is a survival skill

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