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Life = Choices; Choices = Life - Kim Olver EPISODE 66, 15th April 2021
Choice Theory Leadership in a D&A Treatment Facility
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Choice Theory Leadership in a D&A Treatment Facility

In this episode I interview Marsha Zablotney, a counselor turned manager in the D&A treatment field. I have known Marsha over 15 years, all of which she spent managing D&A treatment programs--two halfway houses and a residential treatment facility. Marsha learned Choice Theory and its safe to say it rocked her world in terms of case conceptualization and rethinking the policies, mainly punishments, that were in place in her programs. She took immediate action and aligned her policies and procedures to Choice Theory principles and never looked back. We discuss the benefits and payoffs of becoming a Choice Theory leader in this environment. If you would like to contact Marsha for training or consultation in Choice Theory, you can email her for an appointment at miabailee@gmail.com.

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