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Executive Learning REWIRED - Headspring BONUS EPISODE, 4th August 2020
Resilience in a post-pandemic world
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Resilience in a post-pandemic world

Resilience has long been a staple of leadership development, but through the global crisis this quality has come to define successful individuals, leaders and organisations.

Through our conversations with leading thinkers, practitioners and development experts, Headspring has had access to multiple perspectives on the topic of resilience.

In this review we collect some of the insights shared with us over the past few months, distilling key lessons about the roots of resilience, how to foster it, and what leaders need to become more resilient in an uncertain future.

Includes leading-edge contributions from Marieluise Maiwald, Sudhanshu Palsule, Claire Dale, Patricia Peyton, Adam Kingl, Vlatka Hlupic, Stephen Frost, Jim Lawless, Nick van Dam, Jacquiline Brassey, Alex Edmans, and Alan Watkins.

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