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Father and Son Teenpreneur Impresses Grant Cardone
Episode 21 β€’ 6th January 2023 β€’ Social Media Storyy Telling β€’ Storyy
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Jonathan Irwin will tell the story of how he met Grant Cardone and how his son, Parker, was able to establish a business πŸ‘

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We’ll be talking about:

[00:00] Introduction

[00:38] Jonathan introducing himself and Parker

[01:03] Parker introducing his company

[01:30] How they started Tech Wireless

[04:35] How to grow a personal brand

[06:32] Importance of social media for brand establishment

[08:08] How to take advantage of the boosting tools

[9:07] When did Parker find out he wanted to start a business

[9:59] What they’re planning for the future

[11:16] How social media helped their businesses

[12:53] Last piece of advice

About our Guests:

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Jonathan Irwin is an experienced owner with a demonstrated history of working in the

Telecommunications industry. He helps businesses improve their marketing, sales, and technology, which helps them scale their business to the next level. Jonathan is also skilled in VoIP Business Phones, Mobile Deployments, Mobile Security Software, WiFi Installs, Security Cameras, Coaching, Retail, Sales, Wireless, and Team Building. He is a strong business development professional with over 15 years in telecommunication and technology sales!

Parker, who is only 14 years old, is the owner and CEO of Techy, a phone and computer repair company. He has been to several Grant Cardone events and featured in 10x kids twice. They share their entrepreneurial journey, experiences, and lessons from Grant Cardone’s 10x community. They share how they’re navigating the challenges of managing a business in the early stages.


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