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Managing Annoying People - with Ilene Marcus
Episode 1802nd June 2023 • Constructive Liberty • Ken Eash
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Ilene Marcus holds the ladder for Executives moving up, moving down, or barely hanging on. With over 32 years of spearheading high-stakes teams at multi-million-dollar organizations managing 10,000 employees, she is the Author of Managing Annoying People. As a Techstars Global Facilitator (leading seed accelerator), Ilene travels the country mentoring entrepreneurs to start and scale companies. Ilene earned both her MSW and MPA from Columbia University. Now, she creates funny videos and writes helpful articles for anyone climbing in and out of professional life.

What you'll learn in today's episode:

  • The probability that someone will annoy you and you will react instead of act? (in a day, week, a year?)
  • Biological and physiological signs of Annoyance? (How does your body know you are annoyed?)
  • The risks of not dealing with your annoying feelings and not getting your needs met?
  • How to know if you are the one annoying or it is the other person?
  • How to drive an agenda, when you're not in charge of a meeting or event?
  • Why managing our behavior matters?

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