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Facebook & Digital Marketing Success for Accountants
Episode 7217th October 2019 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Chris Bensted-Smith

Chris Bensted-Smith started his career working for an investment firm. He left soon after discovering the opportunity digital marketing presented to small businesses and the direct correlation it could have on the bottom line. He specializes in SEO and paid advertising for accountancy firms and will continue to do so whilst they remain the most effective solutions for generating consistent streams of new business. Shownotes:

  • Accounting firms lack the resources and expertise to keep on top of modern digital marketing methods
  • There are dangers for accounting firms who try to do digital marketing for themselves
  • The importance of using email campaigns to enhance the digital marketing of accountants
  • How legal indoctrination helps turn accounting prospects into accounting clients
  • Handling the concern that Facebook is social but accountants want business clients
  • B2B and B2C are terms of the past because these days it’s all B2P – business to people
  • Facebook is significantly cheaper to market on than LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is where most accountants and their clients live but they’re also all on Facebook
  • The mysteries begin the data that Facebook knows about its users
  • It’s incredible how specific you can be in targeting specific people on a platform like Facebook
  • Facebook beats LinkedIn for millennials as there are far more on there under 50 years than over
  • Traditional marketing methods like PR, cold calling and networking are not as effective as digital marketing
  • Digital marketing lowers cost of client acquisition for accountancy firms
  • The power of ‘lookalike’ audiences to create a list of accounting firms prospects
  • The kind of marketing budget accounting firms would need to generate business leads on platforms like Facebook
  • The difference between a general digital marketing agency and one that specialises in accountants
  • There is a flaw in accounting firm marketing methods like surveys, questionnaires and client interviews
  • It’s vital for accountants not just to generate leads but convert them into new clients
  • The foundations an accounting firm needs to know they are capable of taking on more clients
  • Many accountants have a negative mindset that Facebook won’t work for them, and it’s not substantiated.

When not working, Chris is an avid rock climber with plans to scale El Capitan. He’s also an enthusiastic cook and used to work as a chef in his spare time. You can call him directly on +44 7759304494 or below:

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