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Run Your Own Online Summit - Profit and List Growth with LeeAnn Marie Webster
Episode 4029th July 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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You may know what an online summit is (you may have even been on one) but how do you really monetise them and gain hundreds of new subscribers to your email marketing list? 

Online summit extraordinaire LeeAnn Marie Webster joins us to give her best, super top-secret (OK…maybe not that top secret) strategies to get the absolute best out of these virtual expos.

So, if you’ve ever thought about hosting an online summit, this episode will show you exactly how to maximise their potential value by growing your list and bringing in those sales.

Episode Content:

  • (02:02) It’s Rob’s turn to guess the two lies and one truth about LeeAnn - Let’s see if he can finally start to overtake Kennedy’s winning streak.
  • (03:12) As technology advances, so have online summits. So how did they start out?    
  • (03:50) We want to know exactly what is involved in a virtual summit and why should you think about hosting (or being a part of) one. 
  • (04:42) How niche is too niche? 
  • (07:02) One of the biggest mistakes LeeAnn regularly sees virtual summit hosts make.
  • (08:22) There are multiple ways in which you can monetise a virtual summit and use them to grow your list. Let’s find out how.
  • (10:42) LeeAnn shares her own 100% success rate method to get amazing speakers onto your own summits.
  • (13:04) Another amazingly effective (and surprising simple!) strategy to ensure maximum summit success.
  • (14:00) Find out why we are all about “getting your Judie Dench” on board.
  • (16:28) How can you ensure that your speakers become the ultimate key to your summit success?
  • (18:08) This subject line of the week got LeeAnn the highest unsubscribe rate ever.

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