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The Power of Your People: Business Planning for 2023 – David Saab, TVCC
Episode 3420th January 2023 • Beyond The Water Cooler • Lisa LLoyd
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The fabulous David Saab, Mental Wellbeing Champion and Business Alliance Manager for the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, joins me to kickstart my new series of the podcast for 2023.

In his role at the Chamber, David has a unique perspective into what's going on within companies across the Thames Valley. His observations about what's working and what isn't, David's insight into interpreting that, and his advice about what businesses should focus on during the year ahead, makes this episode a must-listen.

Our conversation includes:

  • The omission of employee feedback in business planning for 2023, why that is and what companies should be doing differently
  • Unpicking some of the challenges that organisations have been struggling with over the last year and how to re-think them to move forward with greater success
  • Ticking boxes, including an insightful perspective on the impact of Mental Health First Aiders
  • Reasons why many companies continue to neglect or undermine the critical role of meaningful relationships
  • Work-arounds for managers who struggle to engage with the individual conversations within their team
  • The power of case-studies for moving forward, based on the resource 'Building a Positive Mental Wellbeing Culture'
  • Must-dos for leaders to build into their business plan for the year ahead to shift course from "pebble dashing" and "papering over the cracks" (brilliant terms from David to sum up the reality for many companies)

David talks from his heart and with much wisdom. The key messages about what leaders should be focusing on are not rocket science. This conversation strips back the levels of complexity that many companies have found themselves grappling with to improve employee experience, and looks at the simple things that make the biggest difference. 

More about David

David's four distinct chapters of his working life include; his youthful chapter spanning various roles and organisations in the UK and Canada, e.g Cable Harness Engineer for a subcontractor building gun turrets for the Greek military. All of which he absorbed and loved.

The second chapter saw David progress from Telesales to Country Manager launching Consumer Electronics and IT Accessory Brands into IT Distribution and Retail Channels.

David then trained for three years as a Psychotherapist and found his passion for being with Clients.

For the past four years David has worked at the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce as Business Alliance Manager and heads up their mental health.

Links to contact David:


David Saab

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce



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