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How to NAVIGATE Seasons of CHANGE without Losing your MIND
Episode 1129th September 2021 • Breaking Chains • Christine Jewell
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As a “Self Made” Top Performer who has built a wildly successful life from the ground up, CHANGE. GROWTH. EVOLUTION are simply part of the game.

We embrace the challenge, as long as it was our idea.

We welcome the upgrades, as long as we don’t have to lose the things that matter most in the process.

We relentlessly move forward - until we realize… WHAT got us here is no longer working the way it used to.

Everything is taking longer and feels way harder than it needs to.

We can’t seem to come through the way we used to.

Perhaps - you are IN a SEASON of UPGRADE. Only this time, you didn’t directly SEEK IT.

IT is seeking YOU.

You didn’t exactly call IT. IT came to you.

WELCOME to a NEW SEASON. It is time.

God is calling you to step up to a new plate. AND it is in these very moments, things can feel incredibly unsteady and unpredictable…

The more we RESIST the SEASON we are IN and being called to MOVE towards, the more friction, stress, constriction and pain we experience.

The more we UNDERSTAND what SEASON we are in, the easier we mover through the process and let me tell you, what’s waiting for you on the other side is more than you could imagine possible.

That is exactly what I unpack in today’s episode.

“To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven”

In this episode I unpack: 

  • Transitions in life are often SEASONS of UPGRADING for us
  • Yet most of us get STUCK because we don’t UNDERSTAND what season we are IN right now.
  • HOW to navigate in the Upgrades without losing your MIND
  • Relationship seasons, work seasons and yes - seasons of HEALTH
  • How to MOVE through these transitions with more ease and less friction

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