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#32 – The Power of Passion: How This Career Change Led to 6 National Titles, a Lasting Impact, & an Audible Original Book | Empowerment & Career Advice
Episode 328th August 2023 • Daring to Leap: Empowerment & Career Advice for Women: Overcome Imposter Syndrome, Growth Mindset, Challenge the Status Quo • Loree Philip, Leadership & Career Coach, Imposter Syndrome Specialist
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Have you ever wondered how following your passion in your career can not only bring you personal fulfillment but also have a ripple effect, positively impacting the lives of others?

Kathy Murray has such an inspiring story that was made into an Audible Original Book called The Munich Cowboy Cheerleaders.

In this episode of Daring to Leap, fitness expert Kathy Murray shares her inspiring journey and career change from medical sales to coaching the Munich Cowboy Cheerleaders to six national titles.

We'll explore the challenges she faced, the mantras that motivated her team, and the lasting impact she had on the lives of these young cheerleaders. Get ready to be inspired to follow your own passions and make a lasting impact on others.

By listening to this episode you'll:

  • The importance of resilience and encouragement in overcoming challenges and achieving success.
  • How pursuing your passion can lead to a fulfilling career and make a significant impact on others.
  • The ripple effect of positive energy and inspiration, as Kathy's work continues to influence future generations.

Tune in now to Daring to Leap to discover the transformative power of following your passion!

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[00:01:54] Kathy's leap from medical sales to pursuing her passion in fitness.

[00:06:01] Moving to Germany.

[00:07:47] Teaching fitness led to coaching Munich Cowboys cheerleaders.

[00:12:13] Journey of building trust and overcoming fear.

[00:14:49] Encouraging resilience and perseverance through drops and setbacks.

[00:20:46] Teenage Cheerleaders: Balancing Emotions And Passion

[00:23:50] Overcoming Challenges To Pursue A New Career In A Different Culture

[00:26:24] Lessons Learned And Personal Growth

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