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PTP.014: Born to Write with Azul Terronez
19th April 2018 • Beyond Adversity with Dr. Brad Miller • Dr Brad Miller
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PTP.014: “Born to Write” with Azul Terronez author of “The Art of Apprenticeship”

Azul Terronez spent over two decades as a teacher and presented a TED talk on teaching which flipped upside down the accepted practices used most often in the profession. He is the author of the book “The Art of Apprenticeship” and publishes the podcast “Born to Write” and is a world traveler. Azul is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 014 of The Pathway to Promise Podcast.

Azul asked thousands of his students over the course of over 20 years a common question “what makes a good teacher a great teacher?” He collected over 12,000 responses to this question and concluded the common theme of the responses was that a great teacher is a good “listener”. This discovery became the foundation for a highly acclaimed TED talk which Azul gave on the topic of “What Makes a Good Teacher Great.”

In this process, Azul also discovered a powerful inner calling to write a book; something he had delayed for 22 years. Azul enrolled in a business building seminar and set a goal to write a book to present to the seminar. He developed a plan and implemented a discipline that led to him writing the book “The Art of Apprenticeship” in just 30 days.

Azul’s conversation with Dr. Brad is all about his journey of transitioning from a schoolteacher to a full-time writer and writing coach and includes the change in mindset that he had to achieve before he could even write the book; as well as the disciplines and practices that he used to write the book. For instance, Azul posted a video each of the 30 days he wrote the book as a form of public proclamation and self-accountability to his writing practice.

This is his story of overcoming self-doubt and lack of confidence to seek out his promised life of becoming a published author and make a great living as a writer and writing coach.

Azul also shares with Dr. Brad’s his adventures traveling around the world, which is new career has allowed them to do, and the special affinity he has for the country of Laos.

This is an important episode of The Pathway to Promise Podcast particularly for those who deal with the adversity of overcoming resistance to achieving their promised life, particularly in the arts.

The Pathway to Promise Podcast is based on the belief Dr. Brad Miller has that every person has a God-given promised life of peace prosperity and purpose which is achieved when you follow a proven path with the proper guides.

The Pathway to Promise Podcast is your guide to discovering your promised life.

Dr. Brad Miller
April 2018

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