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Bonus: Upping Your Radio Game | Guest: Harry Lyles
Episode 100319th October 2023 • Brandwidth On Demand • David Martin & Kipper McGee
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Harry Lyles is an accomplished multi-format programmer and is widely recognized as the foremost expert in all forms of Hip Hop, R&B, Rhythmic, Rhythmic AC and Gospel.

As president of Lyles Media, Harry has been the programming partner for some of the most prominent broadcasting and media companies in the business. He’s well known for positioning companies for expansion and rapid development while helping broadcasters understand a better ratings story to help generate more revenue.

Harry’s standout programming career is marked by cutting-edge strategies, stellar brand-building skills, and achieving and sustaining market share by building inspired station teams. When programming connects with your local audience,  ratings and revenue will follow.

In this episode, Harry shares insights to help radio people UP THEIR GAME for 2022, by focusing on some of the basics sorely overlooked in our era of consolidation,

Key Takeaways You Won't Want to Miss

[01:58] Harry discusses the very first signs he looks for to see whether a radio station is likely to succeed or not, and what to do about it.

[04:02] Breaking some complex concepts into bite-sized doses, Harry offers some pointers from his Radio Ratings Problem Solving Method, and how “A Self Reflection” can be a good, easy and free starting point for anyone.

[08:59] Harry reminds us of what Radio's first job should be, and provides some pointers on how to make sure your station is doing it. (Spoiler: Many are not!)

[11:04] As a radio veteran who works with many stations in a wide variety of markets, Harry is consistently baffled by one key thing most broadcasters don't do. He shares how it can happen, and reminds us of a secret that will correct this and grow your career!


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