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53 - Table Full of Foam
Episode 532nd May 2023 • Parts Department • Justin Brouillette & Jem Freeman
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Jem and Justin discuss a variety of topics related to their work and personal projects, including 3D printers, procrastination, cold calling, milling tooling foam and shipping pre-orders in this episode of the podcast.

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  • Laura bought a new Bambu X1C 3D printer
  • Justin's X1C has a backlog of work
  • Justin is about to machine a big piece of tooling foam
  • Jem is struggling with cold calling and negative self-talk, also known as "head trash"
  • Jem had a great prototyping day with a client
  • Jem admits to procrastinating for fun, coding in GPT4 instead of focusing on a project for Vividworks.
  • Justin is currently shipping the first ATC Pedestals from a pre-order, discussing the challenges of pre-orders expectation management.


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