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“A Real Stand-Up Guy” by Daniel and Mary E. Lowd
17th June 2020 • The Voice of Dog • Khaki and friends.
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Today’s story is “A Real-Stand Up Guy” by Daniel and Mary E. Lowd. Mary is a prolific science-fiction and furry writer, with more than 170 short stories and a half dozen novels published. Her husband, Daniel, is a computer-science professor, song-writer, and dabbler in the realms of fiction. You can listen to his music on Soundcloud.

"A Real Stand-Up Guy" is set in Mary's Otters In Space universe, and it's a prequel to her novel "When a Cat Loves a Dog." You can get the Otters In Space novels from FurPlanet and you can pre-order "When a Cat Loves a Dog" from Goal Publications. Learn more about Mary's fiction at or read more of her stories on Deep Sky Anchor, where you can also find bite-sized audio recordings of her flash fiction.

Read for you by Khaki, your faithful fireside companion.