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Episode 9: How to Be A Positive Impact on Negative People
Episode 930th May 2024 • The SHERO Effect • Jennifer Perri
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Negative people can harm your attitude if you're not careful. It’s important to be weary of the cycle of negativity and getting stuck in this ugly circle of negative ideas and opinions. You usually don’t have to look too far for negative people in your life, but you can protect yourself by putting up a parameter. An “Electric Fence” of safety.

You can’t control people, but you can influence them. Even just implementing a few of these techniques can have a powerful impact on not only your own life but others.

  • Always stay positive — Be example of how you can react in the face of negativity
  • Ask questions that stimulate positive thinking—vacations, favorite things, etc.—these are great positive icebreakers that initiate happiness and laughter. 
  • Give compliments — Meaningful, kind compliments can overtake someone's entire mood and make a huge impact. 
  • Make one of your goals public and achieve — Let people see that it is possible to reach your goals.
  • Be Kind — No matter what, always be kind. There are people in your life who can really use that kindness.
  • Show that you care — How are you? What can I do to help? These are questions you can ask to give attention to the negative people in your life in an impactful way.

Today’s Affirmation and Self Reflection:

I nurture positive connections. (Tune in for the expanded affirmation)

  1. What qualities do I look for in a strong, healthy relationship?
  2. How can I stay in touch with long-distance friends? Do I?
  3. What is the difference between an acquaintance and a close friend?

What’s Inside:

  • How to protect yourself from negative relationships.
  • How to influence with positivity.
  • Techniques for creating a positive life.
  • How to connect and care for negative people.

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