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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 37, 12th September 2018
From Penny Press To Podcasting Powerhouse [Episode 37]

From Penny Press To Podcasting Powerhouse [Episode 37]

When a small-ish podcast app gets acquired by one of the largest podcast ad platforms that gets acquired by a 150+ year-old publisher, it's not really news.

But when that 150+ year-old publisher and ad platforms changes it's name to match the small-ish podcasting app... that's something special.

And it's telling for the future of podcasting. In fact, it'll probably make waves throughout the industry.

This is how you go all in on podcasting. This is how you demonstrate a certain maturity level we've not seen before in podcasting.

Check out this episode to gain more insight. Because this is the way forward.

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