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Podcast rankings - exposing the fraud!
Episode 35th February 2023 • The Podmaster - helping you master the art of podcasting • The Podmaster (Neal Veglio)
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Exposing the fraud around podcast rankings!

The podcast rankings you see being humble bragged about on social media are a LIE! I'm here to expose it.

I’ve been in the podcasting industry for 22 years this coming April and I've lost count of the number of times I’ve heard people talking about podcast rankings. While podcast rankings can be a great metric to measure your success, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about them. In this episode, I’m going to unmask the fraud of podcast rankings and tell you how to treat them.

What you'll hear in this episode all about podcast rankings:

  • What podcast rankings are (0m42s)
  • What determines podcast rankings? (1m50s)
  • The truth about podcast rankings and consultants claiming to be 'top 1%' (03m10s)
  • The benefits of getting good podcast rankings (04m20s)
  • The truth about podcast rankings and how they affect success (05m21s)
  • The actual listener numbers and where they place you in podcast rankings (07m40s)
  • Excluding everything below top 250 - their numbers will shock you (09m04s)
  • How to boost your podcast rankings (10m40s)
  • This week's 'quick tip' - speeding up production workflow (12m00s)
  • In conclusion - podcast rankings: useful or not? (13m20s)

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