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35. Hitting Your Goals in Half the Time as a Service Provider with Mariana Peña
Episode 3929th May 2024 • Cycle Breakers & Money Makers • Mariela De La Mora | Leadership and Business Coach for Women of Color
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It's not uncommon for service providers to feel left in the dust in the online space. A lot of the prevailing advice service providers hear about increasing income comes down to changing their offer suite. Luckily, that's not the only option and people like Mariana Peña are paving the way.

Mariana joined Reclamation in February with the goal of making 30% more than she did in 2023, with the majority coming from new clients. She surpassed her annual goal this month, only 3 months into the mastermind.

Mariana Peña is an Instructional Designer and Curriculum Expert. She came into the Reclamation space after (A) having to pause her business to have her second baby and (B) having to start her Instagram account over from scratch after years building her brand.

Mariana didn't let the fact that she's a service provider amongst many coaches stop her from asserting herself and gaining undeniable self-trust in Reclamation Mastermind. I also hired Mariana to create my client success roadmaps for Reclamation 👏🏽

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Mariana returned to business after a hiatus and used Reclamation as a way of understanding how the market changed in her absence
  • How she set a goal to make 30% more this year than she did in 2023, but from mostly new clients and she DID THAT this month in May! AND she just had a 20k week
  • As a Service Provider, the importance of being in spaces where people believe in you AND your work, especially in the moments that you don’t.
  • The power of being a WOC mastermind where you don’t have to explain concepts like “decolonizing curriculum” bc many are doing some form of liberation work.
  • How she's redirecting some of her profit toward one additional day of childcare and more date nights with her husband, so that her quality of life grows as her business does ♥️

This is Reclamation.

Doors to Reclamation close TODAY, so set up your call now if you’re considering joining and let’s chat.

We begin in late July and if you miss this round, the next one doesn't kick off til February 2025. This room will change your life. Don't wait.

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