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Gander enters WWII as a military airport
Episode 429th October 2021 • History of Gander • Jack Pinsent
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The RCAF takes

over control of the Newfoundland airport, renames it Gander and it now becomes

a military airport. Airborne surveillance for shipping in the western Atlantic also

becomes the role of the RCAF out of Gander. With the success of transporting

military aircraft to Great Britain, the RAF arrive setting up Ferry Command. The

US recognizing the strategic importance of Gander, establishes a USAAF base in

the spring of 1941 prior to entering the war. When the US enters the war a much

larger base is built, making Gander the largest multi military base in the

world. The base now includes the RCAF, RAF, USAAF, Canadian Army, Canadian Navy,

US Navy and temporarily, a Soviet military unit, ferrying US built PBYs to USSR.

Gander airport is now recognized as an active war front.