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110 | Brand Story: Taylory
Episode 11011th November 2021 • The Brand Lounge • Tammi Heals
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In this episode, Tammi is once again joined by Paula Cohen, business coach at her business Taylory

Paula shares how she felt as her career went from strength to strength with frequent promotions left her feeling jaded when she hit the career ceiling in the company. She talks about how her background as an athlete competing for GB led her to understand that her personal drive and ambitions were being limited by the corporate box.

Paula talks about how she was introduced to the concept of franchising and her journey through a successful franchise and out the other side to a thriving self-owned business that utilises her experiences for her sports training and coaching days. We talk about starting in a recession and weathering the apocalypse to how the online world has helped shape her choices.

This one is for you if you are feeling limited where you are or are looking to navigate in or out of the world of franchising.

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