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The Gerry Anderson Podcast - Anderson Entertainment EPISODE 156, 7th June 2021
Pod 156: Michael Shanks Polishes Off 3 Years of the Podcast
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Pod 156: Michael Shanks Polishes Off 3 Years of the Podcast

This is a very special episode of the Gerry Anderson Podcast. Firstly Michael Shanks is back to tell us about how he went from being a filmmaker in High School making a web series in the early days of YouTube to getting a call from agents in Hollywood. His short film Rebooted features unique practical and digital visuals. Michael also explains how he almost included an Anderson-style marionette! Oh, and there's another reason it's special isn't there? It's the third anniversary!

01:07 Birthday greetings to the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

04:25 FAB Flipping Facts!

12:05 Emails from our beloved Podsterons! Can you connect Hadrian's Wall to Fireball XL5?

20:15 The Gerry Anderson News! See links below

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29:52 Michael Shanks – Part Two

57:42 Meanwhile, find us on Twitter!

1:03:04 Chris "Creighton-Ward" Dale and the Randomiser

1:44:26 Wrapping things up!

Links Mentioned

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REBOOTED | Short Film

Thunderbirds: Terror from the Stars

Five Star Five Available for Pre-Order

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