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Ep. 56: No More Mr. Nice Guy – Why you attract controlling, misogynistic, or narcissistic men
Episode 5621st January 2023 • Aligned Attraction • Lee Noto
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If you’ve dated or been in relationships with men where:

  • Your emotions get invalidated (and you’re made to feel like you’re “too much,” “too emotional” or “too needy”)
  • You feel inferior or less than (and he seems ‘superior,’ ‘better than’ or like the ‘authority’)
  • You share your pains, but then he makes it about him (and plays ‘victim’)
  • He blames and points the finger at you (and everyone else) and doesn’t take responsibility for his actions/emotions
  • He has sudden outbursts of anger/projects his emotions onto you

You’re playing out a painful pattern of attracting men with emotionally unavailable, narcissistic tendencies…

I know these dynamics are challenging as hell, but there is a way through this!

In this episode, I share: 

  • The hidden reasons why you’re attracting this kind of man (and what your childhood has to do with it)
  • Why this kind of man may actually feel familiar and even ‘safe’ to you
  • How to stop attracting emotionally men with narcissistic tendencies and start attracting men who value you and appreciate you


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