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Do You (secretly) Believe No One Will Pay For Your Coaching? -Ep.128
Episode 12815th January 2023 • She Coaches Coaches • Candy Motzek
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Do you believe the myth “people won’t pay for coaching?” If you’ve even got a smidge of doubt tune into this episode to find a new perspective.


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Candy Motzek:

Hey welcome to sheet coaches, coaches, I'm your host, Kandi motsek. And I'm going to help you find the clarity, confidence and courage to become the coach that you were meant to be. If you're a new coach, or if you've always wanted to be a life coach, then this is the place for you. We're going to talk all about mindset and strategies and how to, because step by step only works when you have the clarity, courage and confidence to take action. Let's get started. Hey, this is candy. And I'm so glad you're listening to this episode. I just want to take a quick minute right now, and let you know about my free coach's toolkit in it shares, so many free resources, tools, quizzes, recordings, all kinds of things that you need to get started to launch and grow your coaching business. So if you're looking for better ways, for easier ways to get started as a coach, and sign clients, then this free Coaches Toolkit is for you. These tools could be the missing link that you've been looking for. And they're going to help you every single day. And they're going to help you with everyday challenges too. I know they've helped me, and that's why I pulled them together just for you. And one of the best things about these tools is that they're completely free. And they're my gift to you for being a valued member of my community. And a subscriber to this show, you can get access to all these resources contained inside the free coach's toolkit today, by clicking the link in the Episode Notes or texting the word coach to 1-844-246-6259. Again, that's the word Coach 218442466259. Go ahead and register today get access to all the resources, and I'm gonna see you on the inside. So this episode is another one that I recorded in Mexico. As you can tell, if you've been listening for a while you're hearing me say this on a lot of the episodes. And as I planned it, I was sitting out on the deck and the sun was coming around, and the day was heating up. And I was so thankful for that slice of shade and the beautiful view of the ocean. So I want to ask you this question, do you secretly believe that no one will buy coaching from you that no one will ever want to pay you for coaching? Yeah, it's a secret worry that many new coaches have. So don't worry, if you've been harboring that sneaky little thought, you're not alone. And that's why I'm recording this one just for you. The clients you're looking for already exist. And in fact, they're already looking for help. They might be looking on Google, or social media, or Amazon or asking a friend, but they are searching. And many of them don't know what to do next. They might even be at their wit's end, people either want more of something or less of something all the time. They've already spent time and energy trying their best to get this specific result. Not only are they looking for help, but they also want to solve their problem and they want to do it badly. so badly that many are willing to do something about it, to take action and to spend money for a solution. What kind of results am I talking about? Maybe they want to lose that last 10 pounds, maybe they want to find the love of their life. Maybe they are considering being a new coach, and they can't figure out what their niche might be all of those challenges that we have in our life. And these are the people that could easily become your clients. If you've got a problem, if any of us have a problem, it's only natural that we want a solution. Sometimes we don't even know what that solution might be. And in many cases, coaching could be that solution for them. So let's break it down. There's actually four criteria for every time somebody is going to pay you to hire tapes or pay you to be their coach. The first is I want you to know that these people already exist, and they're going about their day to day life. Second, they want something different. They have an issue and they want to solve it. Number three, they're already looking for possible ways to solve it. Number four, they are ready to invest time energy, effort and money to get what they want. It's only natural, they want to pay for a solution. If they've done what they can, and their desire is strong enough, they'll be more than willing to pay for that solution with you. So if any of those four criteria are missing, they're not a match to work with you. And I know that some of them are so obvious, but I want you to think about them in a slightly different way. Let me explain. Of course, we know that they exist. So that first one's like a complete gimme, right? But how often do you really think about this? Do you really realize that every client you ever need or desire is already going about their daily business right now. We all have challenges, we all want something new. No matter how great our life is, in this moment, there are things that we still would like to change. Maybe you've got a beautiful home and tons of friends, but you haven't met the love of your life.