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EP 166 - Modern Monetary Theory Special - Dr Phil Armstrong - GIMMS
Episode 16621st February 2023 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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For a special extended episode, we invited Dr Phil Armstrong on for a chat about Modern Monetary Theory, a topic which we all scratch our heads about, and one which Phil is an absolute poet at explaining.

Phil is a no nonsense Economist and Teacher, and Associate at The Gower Initiative For Modern Money Studies, an independent, non-profit organisation which is part of a growing international movement which challenges the economic orthodoxy of the last four decades.

Phil gained his master’s at the University of Leeds and PhD in Economics at the University of Solent. He started teaching economics in 1981 and has taught in the USA, France and UK. Phil supports pluralism in economics and is a strong advocate of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). He recently published his first book "Can Heterodox Economics Make a Difference?: Conversations with Key Thinkers" and co-edited "Modern Monetary Theory: Key Insights, Leading Thinkers".

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