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#192: 5 Simple Solutions for Successful Creative Collaborations [Podcast]
1st December 2018 • The DancePreneuring Studio • Annett Bone: Creative Strategist
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Trust and risk, two things that can only propel us forward.

-Nancy Evans Doede, Artistic Director of Nancy Evans Dance Theatre

Session Summary:

Let's get together.

A statement that is used a lot. Usually with good intentions.

But we all get so involved with the day to day that these plans might not happen.

The creative collaboration that was discussed years prior between Nancy Evans Dance Theatre and Jacksonville Dance Theatre did happen though.

I share 5 simple solutions that you can apply to dance, life and business that I got from watching this production:

1. Preparation allows progress. Each company had existing repertory to work with.

What do you need to prepare to go into a collaboration, meeting, project, etc?


2. Don't get so caught up in logic that you lose emotion. Facts are important but you want people to feel something from your art.


3. Sharpen your listening skills. This is something we all need to constantly work on.


4. Cut out to add. The length of the show could have been reduced, and the in-betweens could've been tightened up. Cutting would not have taken away from the quality.


5. There is a balance of trust and risk, which was evident in some parts of the partner work, but the process of the companies coming together is what I am most impressed with. : )

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