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Custom GPTs: Game Changers to Unlock the AI Advantages
Episode 1231st January 2024 • Unlocking The AI Advantage • Ramesh Dontha
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In this dynamic age of innovation, the wonders of Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically Generative AI,  have become an integral part of discussions about the future. In my previous episode, I talked about what I've seen in 2023 and what we can expect in 2024. 

Today, I explore how every industry can create tailored AI solutions with the help of Custom GPTs. I also show you how you can create your Custom GPT in a couple of hours, even if you don't have prior technical expertise. Don't miss the opportunity to become part of this exciting development in the world of AI. 

In This Episode:

- What are GPTs and Custom GPTs?

- Can I create my own Custom GPT?

- Making money through the Custom GPT Store

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