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The Veterinarian Success Podcast - Isaiah Douglass EPISODE 90, 6th June 2021
#90 Lillie Davis, DVM, DACVIM - Empathy & Change
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#90 Lillie Davis, DVM, DACVIM - Empathy & Change

In this episode, Dr. Lillie Davis, a Veterinary Oncologist, is focused on treating animal cancer and improving her patients' quality of life with a healthy balance of evidence-based medicine and compassion. Dr. Davis is also a first-generation college graduate who grew up in The Bronx, NY - she’s open about the path to where she is today was not easy and how financially and emotionally difficult it’s been.

  • Why empathy is part of her professional and personal meaning.
  • The three key areas of change needed in veterinary medicine.
  • Her upbringing and foundation of finances.
  • Financial literacy for women and the challenges women within veterinary medicine face.
  • Diversity in veterinary medicine and becoming an advocate for others - how people have shown up for her.
  • Her question for me - certainly unique and one that shows my lack of knowledge of Harry Potter (spoiler alert).

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