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E191 - The Rewards of Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone: How Networking Can Transform Your Business | with Chris Sherwin
Episode 19124th December 2021 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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Chris Sherwin is an active duty full-time police officer in the Chicago area as well as the host of the 3 Cops Talk Podcast. One tool he’s found to be essential to both of these pursuits is his ability to network - but he didn’t always feel comfortable doing so! In this episode, he’s telling us how he got out of his comfort zone and how you can get out of yours, too. 

Whether he’s meeting new guests for his podcast or networking to improve his work in the police force, Chris says challenging himself to speak to new people has made all the difference in his career. And it can make a difference in yours, too - even if you find it difficult at first.

Chris’s One Big Tip is all about pushing yourself to expand your network. He not only talks about the incredible benefits of doing so but also shares tips for getting comfortable with networking if you’re weary at first. Because it’s an important skill, and it’s one that anyone can master!

In this episode

  • [1:37] Chris went from working in corporate to joining the police force. He tells his story here and shares how he mastered the art of networking for both his work as a police officer and podcast host.
  • [7:35] Chris emphasizes the importance of empathy in networking. 
  • [9:32] How does Chris network? He says he pushes himself to make it a goal every day despite his fears.
  • [11:28] Chris shares a story of when getting outside of his comfort zone and networking worked as an incredible business tool for him. 
  • [14:03] Sensitive to rejection? Chris says a huge part of networking is letting that go and continuing to take the risk.
  • [15:57] Chris and I discuss the conference we met each other at and the unique networking opportunity it offered.
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