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094. How I'd Make $10k-$20k Per Month As An Online Coach If I Was Starting Over
Episode 9414th March 2024 • The Breakthrough Message Show • Fabi Paolini
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In this episode, I share the proven strategies and personal insights to be able to hit $10k-$20k per month if I was starting over.

  • Discover how targeting the right clients and crafting a message that speaks directly to buyers can fundamentally shift your business.
  • I delve into developing a standout offer, starting with a $3K 1:1 coaching program and strategically scaling up.
  • Learn about the power of a concise, value-packed 20-minute webinar to pre-sell your coaching, followed by diagnostic calls to ensure potential clients are a perfect fit.
  • I also cover effective audience growth tactics, from leveraging personal networks to delivering engaging content across various platforms.

This episode is a must-listen for coaches aiming to elevate their business and achieve financial success through authenticity and strategic marketing.


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