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Therapy Fatigue
Episode 229th July 2023 • ADHD Mums • Jane McFadden
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Jane talks about the pressures that parents feel to do many early intervention therapies on their kids, which comes right

at the same time as the diagnosis does. The overwhelm and indecision about what is the best thing to do for your kids

which often comes at the same time as the physical demands on parents are the highest (kids under 7).

- Jane discusses how she spent 50min + with a psychologist to discover she can only see one sibling.

- Jane talks about her experience taking just two kids to the podiatrist and what taking ADHD kids to appointments really looks like.

(Thanks old love in the corner for your judgemental face).

- How can we balance therapies and fun? Our children need and deserve the same opportunity to play sport and relax

- How can we work and drive our children around to these services every day of the week?

- Jane discusses how she engaged a Psychologist to do a parenting plan for each child so she can learn the skills to help her kids

regulate their emotions.

- Jane also talks about getting her 4 year old to sleep in his own bed YES!! Products mentioned are Jett Proof and compression sheets for

sensory regulation.


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