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Cerebriu CEO Robert Lauritzen - Revolutionizing medical imaging with machine learning
Episode 183rd February 2023 • Deep Tech Stories • Philipp Stürmer
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Have you ever laid inside an MRI machine, listening to the loud buzzing and thumping sounds, wondering what's going on outside?

It's a strange experience, lying there, helpless, relying on the machine to give doctors a glimpse inside your body.

But in the end, the doctors still need to interpret that glimpse by themselves, often with the help of a radiologist, which takes time and resources.

So it seems like the perfect task to automate and reach super-human performance using Machine Learning, right?

That's exactly what Robert Lauritzen and his Co-Founders at Cerebriu thought as well.

Robert himself has a long entrepreneurial history, which prepared him perfectly for revolutionizing medical imaging techniques, starting all the way back during high-school.

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