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Do Nothing: The Simple Principles of Jesus to Accomplish Anything with Jonathan Cottrell
Episode 583rd August 2022 • Raising The Standard • Josh Khachadourian
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Are you an ambitious Christian that wants to do more God? The world says hustle harder, try harder, rise and grind and earn it. Jesus accomplished more in a period of three years than most do in an entire lifetime, But does Jesus invite us into a life of doing, hustle and grinding?

In this show Josh sits down with Jonathan Cottrell the author of the brand new book; Do Nothing: The simple principles of Jesus to accomplish anything. In this discussion you will discover the eternal truth of how to co-operate with Jesus. In this discussion we get into:

What can you do in your own strength?

Find out what doing nothing really means?

How do you discover what Jesus is doing?

Learn how to work with Jesus.

Discover what is God’s plan for you.

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