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Advancing Women Leaders with Ellen Keithline Byrne
Episode 1115th August 2022 • The Sea Captain Way • Phil Bender
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In this episode, Phil and Greg are joined by Ellen Keithline Byrne of Her New Standard to discuss advancing women leaders. She provides an insight on what it takes to be a successful woman leader, and how to advance in male-dominated industries. In addition, Ellen talks about the challenges she has faced as a woman leader and how she has overcome them. 

Key Points

  • Ellen Keithline Byrne is the Co-Founder of Her New Standard and an executive coach, social scientist and leader who develops people to be mindful, courageous, and innovative so they can thrive in their roles. Ellen holds a doctorate in Organizational Development and Change and has over 18 years of experience working both on a global learning and development team, and as a consultant servicing Fortune 500 companies. She is a contributing author to Harvard Business Review, Forbes and
  • Even with leadership development being top priority for most organizations and many of them making a significant investment in it, research shows that more than 70% believe that their leaders are not ready to lead the organization into the future. 
  • Many companies invest substantial amounts of money in leadership training, and yet have little results to show for it. One piece of the puzzle is the talent pipeline. Companies with more women in top leadership positions are more agile, innovative and higher-performing.
  • After an organization has identified its rising female stars, there are criteria that should be considered when deciding which leadership development program would be the best fit.
  • Leaders’ ability to communicate clearly about what they stand for can determine how effectively they motivate, influence, and inspire others.
  • Ellen discusses some of the factors that help women leaders identify their unique value proposition.
  • Behavior and mindset shifts can accelerate women’s success in the workplace. Making changes at the organizational level is also essential. Many organizations have increased their efforts to close the gender gap with investments in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, but women’s day-to-day experiences still remain influenced largely by those with whom they work.
  • Ellen discusses the strategy of reverse engineering a path to success and how it relates to her company’s clients developing a career roadmap.  
  • Leadership presence is crucial, but it can be difficult to define.

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