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The Universe responds WITH your energy!
Episode 1812th July 2022 • The Aligned Way • Kelly Vikings
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Recording this was EXPLOSIVE – I almost burst towards the end with the resonance of Women standing in their Energetic Power! Deep immersive embodiment of Divine Feminine and Spiritual, Soul Alignment.


A very powerful podcast brought to you under the magnificence of the Super Moon.

Lots of Badassary, Femme Fire, women all over the world, this is OUR time! It all begins within.


Knowing the answers to the questions posed in today’s episode sends multiple, powerful waves of ‘I AM’ to the Universe, co creation is activated and you receive an abundance of EXACTLY what you desire!

All the high vibes, and with this you attune to your highest frequency & vibration.

We turn LOW frequency into unstoppable, limitless alchemy. Deep cleansing and bringing your awareness and power to a NEW level of personal pleasure.

RISING, dancing, celebrating your personal rewards.


This Super Moon is immensely powerful. There is NOTHING stopping you now, maybe it’s even time to slow down! Presence is your power; you are stronger than you think!



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