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Episode 30: Stef Tschida
20th January 2023 • MentorCore • MentorCore
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This week our special guest is Stef Tschida, founder of Tschida Communications (, a strategic communications company. Stef also founded Minnesota College Essay Coach (, an organisation aiming to help bring better communications skills to those seeking enrolment at universities.

In our discussion with Stef, we cover:

  • What are some of the most important things to remember when communicating with others?
  • How to know if the communication you tried landed with the recipient and was understood?
  • How best to know what your audience wants and needs to hear?
  • How can people overcome the fear of being told, “you should know this” or “you’re the expert” when asking a question or asking for advice?
  • What’s been valuable to you from a mentoring perspective as Stef became an entrepreneur?
  • How to balance working, growing a business, outside interests and life, and keeping well-being in the mix?
  • What’s the difference between urgent and important?

And stay tuned for the best advice Stef ever received from a mentor!

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Special Guest: Stef Tschida.





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