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How TAZO is tackling climate justice one tree at a time – podcast
3rd November 2021 • Innovation for Good with Unilever • Informa Markets
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Jami Lewchik, head of TAZO and portfolio sustainability, understands that climate justice is social justice viewed through the lens of climate change. It's a tale of two cities: upper class majority white cities, abundant in trees and greenery, and marginalized communities tainted with industry, car pollution, concrete and little to no green space.

With marginalized communities, especially communities of color, bearing the brunt of the devastating effects of the climate crisis due to these factors, Lewchik knows that corporations and brands are the ones who need to stand up for these neighborhoods and invest resources into this incredibly important fight.

In this episode of Unilever and Spark Change's Innovation For Good podcast series, New Hope Network's Executive Director of Content Jessica Rubino talks with Lewchik about TAZO's efforts to fight for climate justice and equity.