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How This Dude Is On His Path To Success In Ecommerce And Real Estate At 27 With Charlie Chang
Episode 181st July 2019 • Badass Asian Dudes • Badass Asian Dudes
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This week's interview is with Charlie Chang. A 27-year old entrepreneur from Los Angeles. Find Charlie on instagram at Charlie__Chang or on Youtube at his channel Charlie the Entrepreneur.

After talking with Charlie, what I love about him is he just jumps into things without knowing anything. I’m the complete opposite. I have to buy the course, find the community, read tons of books, etc - before I ever get into anything but Charlie just dives right in. And from those opportunities - other opportunities just magically seem to show up. Half the battle is just showing up and Charlie is a great example of that.

We talk about his entrepreneurial journey and all of his side hustles he has and how he got started with them. In this interview we talk about his photography hustle, clothing business, amazon fba e-commerce business, and his real estate brokerage.

We also talk about self-improvement and how that has changed his life. We go into his morning routine, books he loves, and the things that have made a huge impact on his life.

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