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How to sell your product or service with confidence and convert more customers with Nikki Rausch
Episode 14019th October 2020 • Your Dream Business • Teresa Heath-Wareing
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This week’s episode is an interview with the very lovely Nikki Rausch who is the CEO of Sales Maven – an organisation that is dedicated to selling. We talk all about the different ways you can sell in your business and the process you need to go through, without being pushy and salesy. 

  • Just because we love what we do and we are good at it, doesn’t mean we are necessarily good at selling it.
  • It is not your job to convince someone they need you, it is to make it easy for the people who need what you have to get it from you.
  • You can be confident in what you sell but not feel confident in selling it.
  • Sales isn’t something you do to someone, it’s something you do with someone.
  • Think about selling as issuing invitations.
  • You have to tell people about your product or service for them to buy it.
  • Your job is to show up with integrity, show up and deliver, give people the best of you and then you have to release that attachment – it is up to them to then buy or not.
  • Talk about what is possible for people and be honest about what they are going to have to do to get results.
  • Create curiosity – plant seeds when you talk about what you do.
  • Don’t assume people will not want to buy because they can’t afford it – you never know!
  • Change “Let me know what you think” to “Would you like to go ahead and schedule this now?” – encourages answer.
  • When you ask a question online, this can give you an opportunity to create curiosity.
  • Talk about your prices as though you are telling them what time it is.
Stop worrying about what people will say and think, tell them what you offer, how much it is and then let them decide if it is for them.
  • An introduction to Nikki – 09:20
  • Selling your own service or product – 12:40
  • The language of selling – 18:30
  • The selling staircase and how to use it – 31:17
  • How to sell online – 55:30

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Hello, and a really warm welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. How are you? Okay, I'm just going to jump straight in and start telling you stuff. So the first thing I need to tell you is that I am closing the doors to the Academy. Now I made this decision a little while back that basically I have a cart open scenario, which basically means you can join the Academy whenever you want.


So it's constantly open. People can come and join at any point. And that's what had cart open scenario basically is. But I've decided to close the cart as of Sunday, the 25th of October. And no one will be able to join after that date. And the reason I've decided to close the cart is mainly because one, I don't want to feel like I'm selling all the time and two, because I have a very exciting online event that is going to be happening on November the 19th, I have to check the date on November the 19th in the group only available for Academy members. So there's a couple of things here. First, if you haven't been sat on the fence, I want you to jump straight off it and straight over to And I want you to join us there on that page.


Now, what will happen when you join the Academy is you will get an email from me going, "yay this is brilliant." And then you will immediately get access to a few different things. The first thing you'll get access to is the actual Academy, and this is hosted on its own site. You get to go in, there's all the courses in there.


So everything I've ever done from a cost point of view and it's loads. So it starts with the basics, like how do you know who your perfect customer is? And it then goes on to things like, um, getting seen. So Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook. We're going to be having a LinkedIn course coming in early on in November, we've got a course on YouTube.


We've got a course on how to do blogs. We've got a course on Facebook advertising. What lead magnets are. We've got a whole course on a sales page and how to create a sales page. So there's so much good stuff in there. So that alone is worth way more than the monthly amount. So that's what you get access to first.


You also then get access to my amazing community through our Facebook group, a private Facebook group, just for us and you know what they are amazing. I love, love, love the members so much. They are so supportive. They are so encouraging. We've just finished an amazing Instagram challenge. We do challenges in there as well.


And on this Instagram challenge, every one of them saw a big shift in engagement. And followers because we did this challenge together. I gave them specific things to do. So we do challenges in there. We also do quarterly accountability kind of actions. So they set some goals for the quarter. They give them some actions and I keep them accountable.


But the one reason you really want to get in now before the doors shut is that event. So like I said, on November the 19th, we are going to be. Basically holding an exclusive online event for members only when myself and other special guests come in and do a whole host of work shops and trainings and coaching calls.


All around mindset and marketing your business. Because one thing I've discovered this whole journey along as you well know is it's way more than just knowing how to do your thing. And also even just being able to market your thing. If you wake up every morning and you don't feel like it or you don't have the confidence to go and put that thing out, that will show your face, then it doesn't matter what tools or tactics or strategies you've got.


It's not going to happen. So you might be sat there thinking, "Ah, I need to learn a lot more to build up your confidence" or you're not entirely sure how to approach the people you want to work with. Well, you don't actually know who is you want to work with. You might also be sat there thinking, "I don't know how to price myself, or I want to increase my prices" or you might just be sat there going, "Do you know what I am the problem in my business.


I'm the block. I'm the thing that's holding me back." No confidence, struggling with the fear of not putting yourself out there. And then you might be sat there thinking I just don't have the time and believe me. I know this one. So very well as a mum, a stepmom, my husband works away a lot. Like, it's hard.


It's really, really hard. And I'm not going to sit here and say that I can magic you an extra 10 hours in your week, which would be lovely if someone could though. But what I can tell you is I'm going to give you trainings and strategies and ways in which you can do things faster and more efficiently in your business.


So, if all of that sounds great. If you are sat there and you're one of those people that I've just described, then I am telling you without an anx of doubts, that the Academy, and this event, that I've got this full day event with very special guest is going to be perfect for you. Now, the cost of the Academy is $49.


So effectively for $49, you get all of that and this amazing event, which honestly, I don't think I could have priced it any more cost effectively. When the Academy closes, when it reopens, it will be a lot more money. So I want you to get in now while it's that cheaper rate, I had people who have joined from the very beginning and have never, ever left.


And the rate stays the same as long as they don't leave. So, like I said, enough time on the fence, time to get off, let's finish this year in a way better position than we've been probably in most of the year. Let me give you that confidence. Let me give you that those strategies and tools and tactics you need in order to really finish this year.


Great. And start next year flipping unbelievable. So go to, in fact, I'm going to pause this right now and I want you to go to Okay, go do that now. Right did you do it? Hopefully you did it. Okay. If not go away. No. All right. We'll get one today's episode. Okay.


Well, hopefully I'll see you over there because honestly it is awesome. So today I am interviewing the very lovely Nikki Rausch. She is the CEO of sales Maven, an organization dedicated to authentic selling. She has a unique ability to transform a misunderstood process of selling. Now. I don't think there's many of us out there who are like, woo, we love styling.


So I just thought. As much help as we could get is probably the best thing. So that's why I wanted to bring Nikki on to talk about different ways in which you can sell in your business. And how you go through that process and how you go to that process online. So she has 25 years experience selling to such prestigious organizations like The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, Eula Podcard, NASA and Nikki shattered sales records in many industries receiving top producer awards along the way. But Nikki nice spends her days speaking to entrepreneurs and small business owners from a wide range of backgrounds, where she shows them how to sell successfully and authenticlly without being pushy or salesy. Which is really the main thing said she who's just done a whole kind of push on why you should join the Academy. This is brilliant. So probably what's going to happen now is you'll listen to this episode, go Teresa did that entirely wrong? I didn't even think about that when I planned this. Okay. I will hand you over to Nikki.


Enjoy. Okay. I am really excited today to welcome to the podcast. The very lovely Nikki Rausch. Nikki, how are you doing?


Nikki: I am fantastic. Thank you for having me here.


Teresa: My absolute pleasure. Now I'm, I'm a very honest person. So I am going to say we literally just chatted for half an hour and then we were like, no, we really do need to get on with this podcast.


So we'd be putting the world's rights, but we've already had like a lovely chat together, which is great, but we had to get on with the podcast finding. So Nikki let's get started as I always do. Let my audience know who you are and how you got to do what you're doing today.


Nikki: Okay. So I am the CEO of sales Maven. I am a speaker author, coach podcaster, and I focus on the conversation side of sales and how I got to where I am today is I am a professional sales rep by trade. I did that for many, many years. And in addition to my career as a sales rep and I had a lot of success there is I'm a master certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


And I have a pretty extensive background. And if that's a new term to anybody listening, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is really the study of communication. So it's how you process information, how the language that you use, the habits and the patterns that you show up with. And so I started my business back in 2013. Because I would, I had left my corporate career and I was kinda trying to figure out what I was going to be when I grew up. Even though I was turning 40, I felt like there should be something else. Right? Like what, what is more fulfilling for me? And that was the first time I started spending time with entrepreneurs, because I came from this very corporate sales background. And as I was spending time with entrepreneurs, I just love being around entrepreneurs because they're super passionate about what they do. They, they, they show up in the world like with a servant's heart. They want to make an impact. And I just I wanted to spend as much time as possible around entrepreneurs.


And as I got to know them, I found that a lot of them were really struggling to make money in their business. And the piece that oftentimes was missing was the sales conversation. They would get a lead, but then they didn't know what to do with it. They didn't know how walk somebody through that sales conversation.


And I had been doing it for so long that it felt really easy. And I just started kind of helping some people on the side. And my business was really born out of somebody going like. "Why aren't you teaching this stuff to a broader audience?" That I thought at the time, who would ever pay me to talk about sales?


And so here I am just about celebrating eight years in business and people pay me to talk about sales. It's the best gig in the world. And I love spending time with entrepreneurs and teaching them how to be more strategic in their conversations.


Teresa: That's so good. One of the things that always amazes me about entrepreneurs in general is that, they think they should be brilliant at everything. Right. So I have this conversation with one of my students the other day and she's, uh, she teaches people how to, uh, Eat better. I think I've said that in a really rubbish laneway. So she's listening. She'll be like, "Thanks. That's brilliant." You obviously, but no, she's a nutritionist, but it's not just about nutrition.


It's about loving food and eating good food that nourishes you and does things and that sort of stuff. And she has a membership. What I've moved chatting about the fact of some of her designs stuff. She's like, "I'm not a designer" and I'm like, Well, no, that's a shock. That's not what you're doing for a living. Is it right?


You are a nutritionist. Do you do this? You're really good. So why do you think you suddenly should have all these design skills? You shouldn't. The same way as, why do we, why do we not think we don't need to upskill in those other areas? You know, just because we love what we do and we're amazing at it.


And we've got, you know, the product and services. Fantastic. It doesn't mean that we're only good at selling it and, and neither should we be, as in if we've never done that before, if we never had a role where we've had to go and sell us or our services or, well, even if you have sold selling you is a very different thing, isn't it?


Nikki: Oh my gosh. Yes. I have had so many people that I've worked with over the years that have a background in sales selling for somebody else. But then when it comes to launching their own business and now having to sell themselves, like you said,


Teresa: yeah.


Nikki: It's like, they it's like all their sales technique flies out the window and they're like, I don't know how to talk about it anymore. So I actually love working with those people too, because a lot of it is, is me. Like digging in and helping them see, look at all this skill set that you really do have, and now let's be strategic and how to use it so that you feel comfortable talking about your business. Because even when you're selling yourself, right, your service, your expertise.


You still, I think, have to treat your business like it's its own entity and you have to care for it and you have to nurture it. Um, so even when you're selling your own services, there still is this piece of like having some distance, like taking a step outside and not just feeling like, well, I don't want to sell me because that feels gross.


And that feels it's like, no, you're, you're making a difference in the world. You're making a difference in the lives of the people that you come into contact with. Let's make it super easy for them to make a decision to hire you. Because one of the things I say about sales is it's not your job to convince somebody that they need you, or that, that what you have is the end all be all.


Your job is just to make it easy for the people who need what you have to get it from you. And that to me is what the selling process and being strategic in your conversation. That's what that does for you.


Teresa: Yeah. Yeah. And you said some words there that I think so many of, uh, The listeners will will feel is that it feels really garish and horrible going "If you see how amazing I am like, you seen what I do. It's phenomenal. Come over here." Like that does not feel like something that people very naturally can do. And even when I'm in the position where I am so passionate about what I do, and I am so passionate about my students that I help and how amazing they are. And I am very confident that anybody coming into the Academy, anybody coming on the 90 day program, I can help hugely very confident about it. Yet there is still something that is, you know, having a conversation and saying it when it feels like there's just the two of us alone. There's a lot of people listening is one thing.


Nikki: Yeah.


Teresa: Going out there and actually converting the sale and saying it is an entirely different thing. Isn't it?


Nikki: Yeah, it is. It is. Yeah. And you know, I teach relationship first rapport always and that. When you are in this process of sells. Like sales, to me, isn't something that you do to somebody it's something you do with somebody. So you don't really have to go out and be like, "Look at me, I'm a really big deal" because frankly that's not my personality at all.


Like I gear towards the introverted side and I actually can be quite shy. And I'm not typically somebody who's like, let me to buy horn and say how awesome I am and all you guys look at me. That's really not. I'm not comfortable with that at all. What I am comfortable with though is finding people who need what I offer and just making it easy for them to take the next step for me if they want to.


And I always say issue invitations. Like a lot of times people are going, like ask for the sale, ask for the sale. Which sometimes I think puts a lot of pressure on an entrepreneur, especially if they're not comfortable with the selling process. So I teach this, this process of like issuing invitations every step of the way, because most of us like to be invited to things, even if we don't want to go, like, it's still nice to get an invitation.


So I teach. All your, all your job is, is to issue an invitation. It's kind of like holding your hand up with an invitation in it and saying to somebody, "Would you like to take this invitation or not?" And they can say no. And then the worst thing that happens is you just put your hand down. Like it's not a big deal, but if you're not even willing to issue the invitations, oftentimes people won't even ever decide to hire you. Not because they don't need you. Not because they don't want to, but because they don't ever make a conscious decision. Oh gosh, I definitely want to work with Teresa. I definitely want to work with Nikki because I had an issue, the invitation, they never make the decision to take the next step with me.


Teresa: Yeah. Yeah. And that's a really interesting point in...




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