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#235 - 'We are the Future Ancestors' - with Annabelle Sharman
Episode 2353rd May 2023 • Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz • Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
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Welcome, all you beautiful mamas.

We are the future ancestors and the future elders.

We, as women and as mothers, are the ones to weave our wisdom through to the next generations... but only if we heal ourselves first.

This was the call to action I felt as I read Annabelle Sharman's @liveinoneness book "The Future Ancestors"... and felt again when I interviewed her for this week's podcast.

What if we thought of ourselves in this way? What would change? How will we come together to nurture and protect this land? And what legacy will we leave behind?

Annabelle Sharman is a proud Mutti Mutti woman who honours her ancestral cultural heritage through her work as a multi-disciplinary artist and healer. A certified social worker, reiki master, and holistic counselor—today her work is located at the intersections of art, culture, community, health, and wellbeing. At the core of Annabelle’s methodology is the YUMA Spirit Cloth Healing Process, a unique merging of therapeutic practices, cultural knowledge, storytelling, and art that cultivates a deeper connection to self and others, that often leads to improved well-being and emotional healing. 

This conversation with Annabelle stirred something in me... perhaps it will in you too.

Listen now on your podcast players or Youtube, and let Annabelle and I know.

[Time Stamps]

[00:00] - Acknowledgements

[00:40] - Intro

[03:09] - We are the Future Ancestors

[04:21] - An Epic Joureny

[05:23] - It's about all of us

[11:20] - A Young Mother

[14:00] -Live Together, Dream Together

[16:00] - Woven Through Their Lives

[17:53] - Belonging

[21:16] - Broken

[26:24] - We ARE Mother Earth Energy

[30:58] - Time to Connect

[32:10] - Shared Wisdom

[32:48] - Outro

I truly hope you were as inspired by this one as I was.

Until next week,

~Sat Nam~



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