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"Back from the Brink: An Honest Conversation on Teenage Suicide, Mental Health & The Love of God & Family Making the Difference" w/Shannon Monet
Episode 98th February 2022 • Life & Leadership w/Daniel Kitchel • Daniel Kitchel
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Shannon Monet is fifteen years old and wants to carry the light into the darkness. She is a leader of the next generation and wants to change the world.

At the age of eleven, she was on the brink of ending her own life. Fear, depression, loneliness, and darkness had settled in on her, and she believed life was not worth living. Suicide seemed like the only solution. Through a life-changing encounter with God and the love of her family, she was able to overcome her feelings of hopelessness.

Shannon is exceptionally articulate and shares her story with stunning honesty.

It is rare to hear a fifteen-year-old express what life is like for them in this world. Shannon will pull back the curtain on social media, music, friendships, and many of the pressures that come with being a teenager today. She gives clear advice about teenage culture and provides understanding to help with mental and emotional health.

Today, her life is devoted to helping people see the other side of suicide, the love of God, and being confident in who they are.

This is an episode we all need to hear.


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