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022 | How to handle conflict at work, with Ginny Radmall
Episode 2228th January 2022 • HR Coffee Time • Fay Wallis
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You’ll have to handle conflict at work on many occasions throughout your HR career. Whether it’s conflict you’re experiencing yourself, or people in the organisation are turning to you for help because there is conflict within their teams. This episode is packed full of tips to help you handle it confidently and effectively.

Career Coach Fay Wallis interviews Ginny Radmall from The Ivy Way, who gets to the root of why conflict exists, why it isn’t necessarily a bad thing and how to work through it to find positive outcomes. 

Key Points From This Episode

[02:00] Introduction to Ginny Radmall and The Ivy Way

[04:10] What conflict is and why it exists 

[06:02] Why conflict can feel stressful to deal with 

[09:25] Mistakes to avoid when handling conflict

[12:00] The importance of listening & using open-ended questions 

[17:05] What to do if your technique for handling conflict doesn’t work straight away 

[21:48] Finding mutual ground in conflict situations 

[23:43] How understanding different personality profiles (using a profiling tool like C.Me) can help 

[26:53] Fay explains that episode 3 of the podcast explores how behavioural tool DiSC can help to build relationships at work 

[28:21] The difference between observing and evaluating someone else’s behaviour

[32:18] How Covid has impacted on conflict at work 

[36:00] Why we shouldn’t avoid dealing with conflict 

[36:48] Ginny’s book recommendation – ‘Changing the Conversation’ by Dana Caspersen

[37:46] How to get in touch with Ginny 

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