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Goat Farming and Feral Children with Kelli Foreman, of Kodiak Goat Dairy
Episode 181st February 2024 • Barnyard Language • Caite Palmer and Arlene Hunter
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Kelli Foreman, a farmer in Alaska, shares her experiences of running a goat dairy and living on an island. She discusses the challenges of growing food in Alaska, including the need to import supplies and the limited options for transportation. Kelli also talks about the isolation of living on an island and the difficulties of accessing veterinary care. She shares her journey of transitioning from Nebraska to Alaska and the unique farming opportunities and programs she has developed. Kelli also discusses the importance of embracing the chaos of parenting and farming. In this conversation, Kelli Foreman shares her experiences and insights as a mother of three boys. She discusses the challenges and joys of motherhood, embracing individuality, and finding a balance between work and play with her kids. Kelli also talks about her parenting struggles, including dealing with intense emotions in her youngest son. She emphasizes the importance of not judging other parents and encourages a supportive and understanding approach. Kelli's unique perspective and down-to-earth advice provide valuable insights for parents navigating the ups and downs of raising children.


  • Running a farm in Alaska comes with unique challenges, such as limited access to supplies and veterinary care.
  • Living on an island can be isolating, but it also offers opportunities for unique farming experiences.
  • Creating educational programs and internships can help teach children about farming and agriculture.
  • Parenting and farming can be challenging, but embracing the chaos and finding support can make it more manageable. Embrace your individuality as a mother and find what works best for you and your children.
  • Enjoy spending time with your kids and create a deeper relationship with them.
  • Parenting can be challenging, but it's important to remember that every child is different and has their own unique needs.
  • Teach your kids the value of work and involve them in household tasks and responsibilities.

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  • 00:00 Introduction and Crazy Goat Lady
  • 03:03 Running a Goat Dairy in Alaska
  • 04:02 Challenges of Growing Food in Alaska
  • 05:12 Living on an Island and Transportation Challenges
  • 06:33 Transporting Animals and Supplies
  • 07:10 The Adventure of Animal Transport
  • 08:52 Living in Alaska and Nebraska Roots
  • 09:54 Transition to Farming and Moving to Alaska
  • 11:48 Family and Farming in Alaska
  • 12:10 Challenges of Veterinary Care in Alaska
  • 13:37 Isolation and Challenges of Living on an Island
  • 15:23 Food Security and Importing Supplies
  • 17:34 Living in a Small Town on an Island
  • 18:43 Maintaining Privacy and Balance in a Small Community
  • 20:53 Taking Breaks and Finding Support
  • 22:19 Creating a Farming YouTube Channel
  • 25:25 Expanding Farm Programs and Internships
  • 26:04 Raising Livestock for Meat
  • 28:47 Teaching Kids about Farming and Agriculture
  • 31:50 The Challenges of Parenting and Farming
  • 35:06 The Importance of Embracing the Chaos
  • 39:56 Creating an 1800s Farming YouTube Channel
  • 41:36 The Disappearing Small Farm
  • 44:20 The Challenges of Parenting Young Children
  • 45:17 Becoming a Mom and Embracing Individuality
  • 46:20 Birth Experiences and Parenting Styles
  • 47:24 Enjoying Time with Kids
  • 48:23 Parenting Struggles and Challenges
  • 50:32 Dealing with Intense Emotions in Children
  • 55:47 Work and Play with Kids
  • 57:15 Teaching Kids to Work
  • 59:45 Not Judging Other Parents
  • 01:00:26 County Fair Category: Doing Things Pretty Good
  • 01:02:11 Regional Food Specialties and Acceptance
  • 01:03:30 Not Judging Other Parents
  • 01:06:28 Social Media and Contact Information

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