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How This Dude Generated Over $350k+ And 40,000 Attendees For His Virtual Summits With Eric Yang
Episode 161st July 2019 • Badass Asian Dudes • Badass Asian Dudes
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This week’s episode is with Eric Yang, an entrepreneur from Paris currently based in Bangkok. Eric puts together virtual summits and does consulting for people who want to do their own. Find out more about him and his services at

What is a Virtual Summit? Think of it like an industry conference where he gathers attendees, speakers, and sponsors - except his are all online.

Through these virtual summits, Eric has generated over $350K and 40,000 virtual summit attendees without spending a dollar out of pocket.

Eric has put on virtual summits in industries like real estate, cryptocurrencies, design, and more.

He’s the go-to-guy if you are interested in doing something like this in your industry and as you’ll find out - they are really profitable and help build your influence and credibility in your industry.

If you’re a young dude who wants to be an entrepreneur that doesn’t know where to start - you have to listen to this one. There’s so much gold in here if you follow what Eric did while he was a student.

The week after our interview together, we met up in Bangkok at an entrepreneurship conference i like to attend yearly. He was coincidentally one of the speakers where he gave a talk about his virtual summit strategy.

Eric is one of my new favorite dudes. I think my big takeaway from our interview is don’t be afraid of asking - you never know what the answer might be. Sounds obvious but obvious things need to be hammered into our heads once in a while for you to really take it in.

In this episode we go through:

  • How Eric’s business failures led him to doing virtual summits
  • How Eric got thousands of dollars worth of conference tickets for free
  • Why Eric decided to drop out of college
  • The exact strategies Eric used to get huge names to talk at his summits including his word-for-word script
  • Eric’s hack for building influence
  • What Eric thinks is the next big thing

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