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What to Do When Your Wife Says She Needs Space
Episode 1111st November 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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So… your wife wants space. Now what?! When a woman says she wants space, what we hear as men is that we’re no longer GOOD ENOUGH. We’re no longer her PROTECTOR, she no longer feels SAFE, and that scares the f*ck out of us. But what does it actually mean when your wife wants space? 

When your wife wants space, it means the marriage you had is OVER. It is OVER. But here’s the good news: you can create a NEW marriage with her. But you need to STOP trying to fix her, STOP letting your insecurities f*ck you up, figure out what YOU need to do to own your sh*t, and START doing the work. This week, Mark shows you the REAL reason your wife wants space, what that means to you, and what you should REALLY be doing in this situation. He’s showing you how to STOP focusing on what your wife is doing or not doing, and start focusing on YOURSELF to figure out what’s best for you. 

In This Episode:

- THIS is why your wife wants space…

- Discover why it takes BOTH you and your wife to work on your marriage

- You need to STOP self-pitying and keeping yourself as a VICTIM. Here’s why…

- Mark shares why he feels he’s 100% responsible for the failure of his previous marriage

- Are you holding yourself back? Here’s how to tell…

- THIS is where your focus should be when your wife wants space

- When your wife wants space, this is what it does and does not have to do with…

And much more…