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The Veterinarian Success Podcast - Isaiah Douglass EPISODE 77, 7th March 2021
#77 Rahul Chhajed - Veterinary Real Estate: A Hidden Gem
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#77 Rahul Chhajed - Veterinary Real Estate: A Hidden Gem

In this episode, I'm joined by Rahul Chhajed who heads up Matthew Real Estate’s healthcare division investment services. Rahul and the team work all over the country and have worked with various different clientele. Rahul has been extremely active in veterinary medicine and he shares why there is so much value and demand for veterinary real estate today. If you are a practice owner and also a real estate owner, you will not want to miss this one! We discuss:

  • The landscape of real estate in veterinary medicine.
  • What are cap rates and why they matter?
  • What is a sale-leaseback?
  • What are the options for a veterinary owner who also owns their real estate?
  • Who are the buyers of veterinary real estate today? What's driving the demand?
  • What's a "fresh" lease and the importance of that?
  • Case studies and examples of deals and the impacts.

Rahul's LinkedIn

Rahul's Email - rahul.chhajed@matthews.com

Rahul's Phone - 1-949-432-4513