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Revolutionizing fleet safety with driver-centric technology
Episode 134th April 2023 • There's A Device For That • Esper
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Rashid Galadanci is the Co-founder and CEO of Driver Technologies, a mobile app that turns your phone into an AI-powered dash cam to help you protect your fleet and save money. Rashid rejoins the podcast to discuss how Driver Technologies can be used to protect small and large transportation fleets. He details how the app can help prevent the top causes of accidents, all while maximizing the hardware fleet owners have already invested in. He highlights how the app was built with drivers in mind, ensuring they have the capabilities they need and the privacy they want.

  • 1:45 - Overview of Driver Technologies
  • 8:45 - How Driver Technologies works for transportation fleets
  • 16:30 - Building a solution with drivers in mind
  • 18:40 - Using cloud technology to improve driving behavior
  • 21:35 - Fundraising atmosphere for start-ups
  • 26:10 - The future of Driver Technologies
  • 29:25 - Driver Technologies cooler mount device

There’s A Device For That is hosted by Sudhir Reddy, SVP of Engineering, of Esper. For more about Esper, visit us.

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