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Introducing the Leading with Data Podcast with Jason Dorsey
Episode 113th October 2020 • Leading With Data • Jason Dorsey
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Introducing the Leading with Data podcast from Molecula, with your host Jason Dorsey. Jason is the President and Co-Founder of The Center for Generational Kinetics, a research and strategy firm serving many of the Fortune 2000. Jason is also a best-selling author and has appeared on more than 200 TV shows, has done 65 research studies, and has over 700 clients.

Jason’s background with generational context data guides business growth and strategy conversations around the world. He offers insights into how data shapes business across all industries, from super high-tech to low-tech.

Meet Jason and learn more about how effective data strategy could be driving the growth of your business.

Find out about:

  • The purpose and future of the Leading with Data podcast from Molecula
  • Using data in your business, no matter what industry you’re in or how you’ve used data in the past
  • What it means that Gen Z will be the most consistent generation around the world and how that will affect your industry


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